Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic Surgery

Endoscopic (VATS) surgery for lung cancer
Lung cancer is sadly the most common form of cancer affecting women and men.
Endoscopic (VATS) surgery of Mediastinal masses
Following medical investigations, a proportion of patients can be found to have abnormal masses within the chest.  These can range from being...
Endoscopic (VATS) surgery for Pneumothorax
Primary spontaneous pneumothorax, or the condition where a lung drops due to a release of air, is a serious condition and needs to be dealt with as...

Mr Joseph Zacharias is a Consultant Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon who over the past 18 years has introduced many patient centred procedures and reviewed, presented and published his excellent results. He is passionate about teaching and training and continues to help disseminate his learning and skills to doctors at all levels of training. Mr Zacharias has one of the largest experiences in endoscopic heart surgery in the UK and continues to maintain a busy practice in both complex heart and lung surgery.


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