Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac Surgery

An endoscopic view of a repaired mitral valve
Traditional mitral valve surgery is performed through a long incision down the midline (sternotomy) which has served the speciality well over the...
The scar at 3 months after an ART procedure for an aortic valve replacement
Aortic valve replacement surgery is the most commonly performed heart valve procedure.  Prior to surgery, common symptoms reported by patients...
A periareolar scar used for endoscopic heart valve surgery.
The tricuspid valve is often referred to as the 'forgotten valve' by both cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.  However, as more research is being...
The old midline sternotomy scar is seen along with the more recent Minithoracotomy scar
Over the past 20 years, a sternotomy (key hole) has been the most common surgical approach for patients presenting with deterioration of their heart...
Periareolar scar at 3 months after an ASD closure
The endoscopic (key hole) approach is very versatile and can be used for treating other rare conditions too.  The most common other endoscopic...
The scar left after endoscopic vein harvesting for CABG.
Traditionally, veins are removed from a patient's leg which involves long incisions from ankle to groin. 

Mr Joseph Zacharias is a Consultant Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon who over the past 18 years has introduced many patient centred procedures and reviewed, presented and published his excellent results. He is passionate about teaching and training and continues to help disseminate his learning and skills to doctors at all levels of training. Mr Zacharias has one of the largest experiences in endoscopic heart surgery in the UK and continues to maintain a busy practice in both complex heart and lung surgery.


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