Invited Lectures

Invited Lectures


BHVS Deep Dive Session 2024
30 Apr, 2024
Norwegian Spring Cardiac Surgery Conference April 24
26 Apr, 2024

Why bother with MICS?

ReEvolution Summit, Houston, Texas, 2024
25 Jan, 2024


8th Annual Conference BISMICS
05 Dec, 2023
2nd Barcelona MICS course
01 Dec, 2023
International Summit on Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease, Taiwan
26 Nov, 2023
ECSClub annual meeting, Milan
17 Nov, 2023
Faculty EACTS 2023 Techno College and Annual Meeting
04 Oct, 2023
HRUK Endoscopic Cardiac Surgery Cadaver Lab Keele University
19 Sep, 2023
Endoscopic Aortic Valve Surgery, My Journey. MIS Workshop, Sao Paulo, Brasil.
07 Jul, 2023
Endoscopic Cardiac Surgery: What, How and Why. Inaugural meeting Maribor, Slovenia.
09 Jun, 2023
Annual Meeting ISMICS: UK MiniMitral Trial: 1 yr results. Boston USA.
31 May, 2023
The Evidence so far for Endoscopic Conduit Harvest. Terumo Workshop, Hamburg. Germany.
07 Apr, 2023
Faculty Heart Valve Society Annual Meeting.
30 Mar, 2023


BISMICS Annual meeting Faculty
05 Dec, 2022
Edwards: Master In Mitral Valve surgery Course, Berlin
08 Nov, 2022
Euro Valve Heart team meeting: Cambridge 2022
08 Oct, 2022
EACTS: Moderator of Techno College at Milan 22
05 Oct, 2022
Inaugural forum 22
Inaugural forum of the ECSClub, Thessaloniki
09 Sep, 2022
Surgeon of the month
Surgeon of the Month: August.
23 Aug, 2022
Medtronic Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Symposium
08 Jul, 2022
Ancona Live Minimally invasive and Trans catheter meeting, Virtual, Italy
07 Jun, 2022
Director HRUK Cadaver course on Endoscopic Heart valve surgery, Keele University
07 Jun, 2022
Endoscopic Cardiac Surgery: RCS Edinburgh talk
31 May, 2022
The Evidence for Endoscopic Vein Harvesting. Leuven, Belgium
14 May, 2022
Invited lecture at Focus Valve 22, Innsbruck, Austria, on Redo MIC mitral surgery
08 May, 2022


Faculty BISMICS Annual meeting .
06 Dec, 2021


Live streamed a cadaver Wetlab for Heart research UK on Endoscopic Valve surgery.
10 Dec, 2020


Lead organiser and faculty of the 4th Annual BISMICS meeting Manchester.
10 Dec, 2019
Course Organiser and faculty at the Global Edwards Fellows program, California.
24 Oct, 2019
Faculty at the Lunchtime Cryolife sponsored symposium on Mitral valve surgery, repair or replace with respect. EACTS Lisbon.
09 Oct, 2019
Faculty at EACTS MITACS course, Frankfurt .
27 Jun, 2019
Course organiser and Faculty at European Edwards Fellow program Lyon.
12 Jun, 2019
Faculty at Heart research UK MIS AVR Course, Middlesborough.
14 Feb, 2019


Faculty and course organiser, 3rd BISMICS meeting. Dublin.
04 Dec, 2018
Keynote speaker at Edwards Lifesciences Cardiothoracic surgery Global Fellows program, California.
14 Nov, 2018
Speaker at 125th Meeting of Manchester Regional association of surgeons: Innovating under scrutiny of Surgeon specific results.
17 Oct, 2018
Invited speaker at the Hasselt Minimally invasive cardiac surgery course.
24 Sep, 2018
Faculty at the Focus Valve course at Innsbruck, Austria.
07 Sep, 2018
Invited faculty at ISMICS annual meeting, Masters day, Vancouver.
05 Jun, 2018
Faculty at Masters in Minimally invasive cardiac surgery, Pisa, Italy.
11 Apr, 2018
Chair Mitral session. SCTS annual meeting university. Glasgow.
15 Mar, 2018
Invited lecture at the 10th NCBC annual meeting, London.
15 Feb, 2018
Mitral Valve repair, Guest lecture at the 20th Annual meeting, Gdansk, Poland.
11 Jan, 2018


3 invited lectures at the 2nd BISMICS meeting London.
02 Nov, 2017
Invited lecture on Cannulation, cardioplegia in minimally invasive cardiac surgery at the Annual EACTS meeting in Vienna.
04 Oct, 2017
Invited speaker at International cardiac surgery meeting, Sibiu, Romania, Topic: Anterior right thoracotomy for AVR.
07 Jun, 2017
Performed a Live Mini Mitral case with endoclamp at Bad Neustad, Germany, Master of Valve repair course.
03 May, 2017
Chair Minimally invasive Mitral session at SCTS university. Belfast .
23 Mar, 2017
Speaker and Discussant at the Lunch time symposium at the Heart Valve Society meeting. Monaco.
09 Mar, 2017
Facilitator and invited speaker at the NCBC 10yr conference London.
27 Feb, 2017


Course director for the first annual meeting of the British and Irish Society of Minimally invasive Cardiac surgery (BISMICS) in Birmingham.
09 Nov, 2016


Course organiser for SCTS ST4 Cardiac surgery course.
09 Dec, 2015
Chair and speaker for Evening Symposium on Endoscopic Conduit Harvest, Amsterdam.
08 Oct, 2015
Invited speaker on Minimally Invasive Mitral surgery, British Cardiac Society Annual meeting, Manchester.
18 Jun, 2015
Faculty and session Chair: Master of Mitral Repair, Paris.
04 Jun, 2015
SCTS / ACTA annual meeting, Ionescu university
04 Mar, 2015

Program chair, Minimally Invasive surgery
Speaker on Concomittant AF surgery through Minimally Invasive approach
Speaker: EVH is Best, coronary session


SCTS Core cardiac surgery Skills, Organiser and Faculty.
04 Dec, 2014

Options for Redo cardiac surgery.
Mitral, Tricuspid surgery Wetlab instructor.

4th European Masterclass in Coronary revascularisation. Oxford.
04 Nov, 2014
2nd Minimally Invasive Mitral surgery Course, London.
04 Jun, 2014
3rd European Masterclass in Coronary revascularisation. Oxford.
29 Mar, 2014
SCTS University:Atrial Fibrillation Masterclass, Edinburgh.
04 Mar, 2014
Polish Cardiac Surgery Conference: Gdansk.Minimally invasive Mitral surgery.
04 Jan, 2014


European Masterclass in Coronary revascularisation. Oxford.
05 Feb, 2013


Recent Advances in Cardiac surgery. NCBC annual meeting. London
13 Dec, 2012
1st Heart Research UK 2012 Course in CABG and Arterial grafts. Oxford
28 Nov, 2012

Radial artery: How to harvest Open or Endoscopic
SVG: How to harvest Open or Endoscopic

2nd European practical Course on Minimally Invasive Surgery. Rome.
17 Nov, 2012
SCTS university: Full day program Chair for Minimally invasive cardiac surgery.
13 Oct, 2012
Brazilian Society of Cardiovascular surgery meeting
02 May, 2012

Newer technology for Mitral and Tricuspid rings
Complete or incomplete rings for Mitral repair
Training the surgeons of the Future


SCTS University: Lunch box program on New technology.
12 Oct, 2011
OLV College Aalst Belgium
04 May, 2011

Lessons learnt in starting a Program of minimally invasive cardiac surgery
Are the young better than the old at Endoscopy.


Birmingham review course
02 Mar, 2010

Evidence for conduit choice and EVH


Australian Association of Cardiac surgery meeting
06 May, 2009

Endoscopic Vein harvesting : Learning curve impact
Endoscopic radial artery harvesting.

SCTS Meeting: Talk on the Need for a Randomised Control trial for Endoscopic Vein harvesting.
12 Apr, 2009
Birmingham review course
14 Jan, 2009

Evidence for Conduit choice


SCTS breakfast session Edinburgh
18 Apr, 2008

Intraoperative angiography application (The Spy device!).
Endoscopic Radial artery harvesting.

Birmingham review Course
02 Apr, 2008

Intraoperative Graft patency checks

Mr Joseph Zacharias is a Consultant Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon who over the past 18 years has introduced many patient centred procedures and reviewed, presented and published his excellent results. He is passionate about teaching and training and continues to help disseminate his learning and skills to doctors at all levels of training. Mr Zacharias has one of the largest experiences in endoscopic heart surgery in the UK and continues to maintain a busy practice in both complex heart and lung surgery.


Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon | Joseph Zacharias

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